Essay about My Literacy Journey Commenced At A Young Age

Essay about My Literacy Journey Commenced At A Young Age

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My literacy journey commenced at a young age. My story begins with the typical bed time stories and slowly progresses into complex novels. Some points in my literacy journey have made me admire the written word but other times literacy frustrated me. These ups and downs within my story have made me the person I am today. My parents noticed that my reading was not up to par with other children in kindergarten and I was diagnosed with mild dyslexia at the age of five. My parents provided me a reading mentor named Mrs. Mandeville who has shaped my literacy journey in many ways. Events in my childhood have shaped my literacy in various ways.
My story begins with my mom playing an audio book version of “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin as a means to learn the alphabet around the age of three. She would gracefully sing along to the melodious tunes as I gazed in sheer amusement. The rhythm pleased and caught my attention. I could repeat the song by heart before preschool. I did not know exactly what each letter in the alphabet indicated but I enjoyed the way the letters sounded. Till this day, I adore children’s book because the it sparks wonderful memories and I hope to teach it to my kids someday. Life was extremely simple when I did not have to comprehend reading and writing. On the weekends as a young child I would travel to my grandparents’ house for story time. I would sit crisscross applesauce on the brown carpet as she read me diverse children’s stories. Those stories ranged from “Rainbow Fish” to, my favorite, The Disney Classics. I always admired how words put together could create such an interesting story in my mind. I had a vivid imagination; when my grandma read me a fairytale I pictured myself as that character and ...

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...k up on how I was doing. According to her, I was farther ahead in my reading than most students due to the immense amount of work I put in. She was right; high school reading was a piece of cake. Even though the letters still switched in my brain I learned how to control how I read them. I exceled in high school thanks to the support I received from my teacher and friends. I grew more comfortable reading out loud and due to my hard work I am reading at a profound level.
My early childhood, filled with adverse times, changed my view of literacy. The many ups and downs throughout the process gave me literacy confidence overtime. Dyslexia has shaped my life in many forms but I am glad I have the condition because it makes me who I am. The disability made me work hard to get to where I am today academically and I could not have done it without Mrs. Mandeville.

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