My Life With A Parent Household Essay

My Life With A Parent Household Essay

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Growing up, I was fortunate to live a "normal" life with "normal" responsibilities. For instance, my chores required cleaning the kitchen and washing my clothes, nothing that was too strenuous for a young child. Being that I was the youngest I never had any siblings to look after, and my siblings did not have to supervise me because my parents were present. Well, being that my parents divorced while I was very young I never had a two parent household. Of course, my mother struggled, but we never went without meals so my adolescent life was pretty decent. There was no government assistance, but it was not like our family did not need it. The roles played in my household was my mother being both mother and father. As children, besides the basic household chores assigned we did not worry about feeding ourselves or working to make ends meet. The same roles were in placed when I moved in with my father, the only job or role I had was to be a child. When comparing my life to Dasani, I was blessed. I do not say that to boast or brag, but I am forever thankful that my parents were educated and worked. Although it would have been helpful to receive extra assistance, but I am thankful that was not the only thing we could rely on for help.
Tough love was common in both Dasani 's house and mine. My mother was not every nurturing, but she gave my sister and I the basic necessities with no extras. It is clear that Dasani 's parents love her, but it is hard to show love when fighting for your life. Dasani 's living conditions reflect struggle, sharing the place she calls home with rodents and cesspool this is the only life she knows. Although, my mother loved hard because she wanted my sister and me to become "strong women" our home was a sa...

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...nts to be. Struggle is a part of life, but it does not have to define the life we live. I think the contact theory would be most successful, because life is about setting attainable goals. If the children in Dasani’s school are never told they can be whatever they desire in life, this would be the best theory in explaining that. We could start by setting small goals like passing the spelling test, and we could talk about how to accomplish that goal. I could explain to Dasani that I strive to be on the honor roll and receive scholarships because my parents cannot afford college, and plus I know that I can reach any goal I set my mind on doing. I would want Dasani to know that even though I am not an academic scholar, nothing is impossible no matter how tough it may seem. My note to Dasani is to have hope within yourself that you can excel well beyond social stigmas.

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