My Life Skills Is Important For Your Life Goals Essay

My Life Skills Is Important For Your Life Goals Essay

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All over the universe people face numerous decisions to make and problems to solve every second of every day. Life skills are key to being successful in your life goals. Having life skills like, creativity or critical thinking is important when it comes to facing challenges of everyday life. Both of those are imperative in many aspects of life, yet some decision making can be difficult to achieve. When it comes to these two life skills they are extremely important when it comes to relationships, work, and school.
Creativity is such a strong attribute to have when it comes to relationships because it shows for an open minded perspective which makes for an inviting and easy going person. Critical thinking is just as strong as an attribute as creativity because having a skill of critical thinking shows for being able to be serious when the time is necessary, and it shows for being a strong thinker rather than a lazy thinker. Both of these are key when it comes to having healthy relationships. Whether the relationships be with your spouse, friends, or parents having creativity can he...

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