My Life Scholarship Program At Boston University Essay

My Life Scholarship Program At Boston University Essay

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I’ve always been ambition and serious in my life, my parent encouraging me to be responsible person as first child I used to take care of my sibling, also some of our home financial budget, I grew up in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. I was very quit child and smart in the school, then I attended to king Abdul-Aziz University to complete my bachelor degree.

I graduated in 2013, MIS major with high GPA 3,40, after that I got the best chance in my life Scholarship from Saudi Cultural Mission to complete my education in the US as a Saudi girl it was hard to come to the US alone without my family, I finished English language program at Boston University in 2014, after that I traveled to my country for vacation I got married and got acceptance from Iona college in MBA “marketing “ to start new life in NY with my husband and achieve my dream at Iona.

In this trimester I take MBA 500 course, I did two helpful tests , which is really gave me idea about my self and improve my attitude. First one, keirsey test was very interesting, that is gave me chance to understand my temperament, strengths, weaknesses , also it helped me to awareness my self and others and dealing with others perfectly .

Second one it was a competing values worksheet it showed me about what competences I have strongly and what competences I need to improve. At the end, I will discuss my career goals based on three periods of time. These tests are important in helping to develop strong professionals ready for the challenges of business world . In my personal development plan, I will talk about my Keirsey temperaments, competing values and career plans to improve my future career.
The Keirsey temperament sorter, the result showed that I’m ISFG, as guardians...

... middle of paper ...

... 5 years with high power to search for job in the capital city Riyadh ,I don’t care about the salary because I don’t have work experience before . I will improve my skill in may major .I’m so interesting and also I will work as volunteer in King Saud university as tutor in business college as I did before when I was bachelor student. and attend more workshops .

Long term plans:
In this period of time after five years I will be able to have more job options in marketing company with a good salary after I get perfect work experience, as a Saudi women, I want to grow in this field and prove that women are as capable of success in this field as men are. I will continue to challenge the notion held by many of the people in Saudi Arabia that women are incapable of working in business or marketing.Also I will complete my education at prince Nora university in marketing .

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