Essay about My Life 's Journey From High School

Essay about My Life 's Journey From High School

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My life’s journey as taken me to many places, and exposed me to a multitude of
experiences. These life experiences have taught me the power of helping others, and the
immeasurable satisfaction gained from doing so.
Upon graduation from high school I attended Morris Brown College for two years, to pursue a
bachelor’s degree, but decided to “postpone” those plans to figure out what exactly I wanted to
do with my life. Little did I know this postponement would be 25-years.
My career began once I left college, and started working for Days Inn Corporate
Headquarters (Atlanta, Ga.) as a reservationist, and travel planner. It was during this time
that I began experimenting with drugs. At first, it was light, recreational usage, a little
marijuana on the weekends, holidays, etc. It started innocent enough, but quickly progressed
into heavier drugs, crack cocaine. The increase in drug usage led to me losing my job at Days
Inn, due to missing work. Unemployed, I enroll in one of those unaccredited “for-profit” schools
(didn’t know then), but fortunately that led me to my next job, AT@T, although the “certificate”
received upon graduation was worthless.
My career at AT@T started off great, working in the residual billing department I dealt with
billing inquiries, sale of products, and liaison between AT@T and the local telephone
companies. In year 2 of my employment with AT&T, drugs resurfaced in my life. I started slowly,
paying my bills first, and spending the rest of my check on drugs. The following week at work I
would have no money for lunch, and would be starving by days end. This cycle continued for a
couple years until I started calling out from work. My manager, Susan, sensed I had some so...

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...saved what little money I made. After 6-months of this
routine I had enough money to get a nice apartment. And as they say…. the rest is history.
People always ask me, once they have heard my story… how did you stop? You didn’t seek
professional help. You didn’t enroll in a treatment program of some sort. You had no mentor, or
group support. I tell them… the power was within me all the time, I just never used it.
As I discuss this disturbing chapter in my life for this paper, I am amazed by the power within
oneself. Since my years of drug addiction, I have completed my associate and bachelor
degrees, and currently working on my master’s. As I think back to the many nights sleeping
under a bridge in the dead of winter, to rummaging through a trash dumpster for food, I can only
pinch myself that I am where I am today.

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