Essay on My Life - Original Writing

Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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My mother had always dreamed of having a daughter with a pink canopy bed, so my father lovingly made one for me when my mother became pregnant with their second child. They also moved the crib, and my new bed into the master bedroom, and they took our room.
Thirteen months after I made my entrance into the world, my sister Michelle, a blue-eyed baby girl with striking black hair arrived.
Two months later, my father wanted to start a business away from his family, as he had gotten into too many arguments with his father, and brothers so they finally told him he needed to grow up or get out. Being the arrogant man he is, he chose to walk away. So grandfather Levi made an agreement with my father “Liam, I will front the money for you, and you can run the business, but the condition is this; You will sell your vehicle, as well as all your belongings, and move into our backyard in the travel trailer.” My father, and mother decided “Why not.”
This decision led to the beginning of my life as The Forgotten Girl.
My grandmother allowed Michelle, my mother, and I to scurry into their home, during the day where we ate meals, and did laundry. My Father, Liam, looked up to my grandfather Levi for he had helped to make two of his employers millionaires, and my grandfather politely answered any questions my father had. The move proved to be difficult on my mother. Michelle, and I being so young hurt matters for my mother to be living in a tiny travel trailer, and not to mention, problems began arising because my grandfather Levi left for work at six in the morning, and my father did not leave until nine. My grandfather Levi, complained about my father to my mother, and my father complained about my grandfather to my mother. They only...

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... of my lifelong battle with ferocious panic attacks, but nobody could figure out why. When I first started to realize, and understand my body, during therapy with Kate, the more it all makes sense. I had repeated nightmares for years, of my Uncle Sean standing over my bed at night, and I wake horribly frightened. Uncle Sean, became an extremely fat man. His teeth, well let’s just call them strangely short, and crooked, and when he smiled, he looked even worse, and his thin, and balding hair only added to my fears. He usually wore one piece coverall clothing, or a shirt, and a pair of pants of the same color. I had these same atrocious nightmares for as long as I can remember. Sleeping is a luxury, but one I find myself avoiding all too often. The fear of what my night will be like, terrorized by the memories haunting me, leaves me with lonely sleepless nights.

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