My Life Of The Animal Being Tested Essay example

My Life Of The Animal Being Tested Essay example

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Just imagine someone forcefully picking you up placing you in a secluded laboratory, holding you against your will, and vehemently having your face and body stuffed with makeup or any other cosmetic item. I look at this situation as if I was in the place of the animal being tested, I sat a dreamt about it for a second, I thought to myself this is horrible and someone has to put an end to this immediately, if it is still going on. This topic has always been a touchy one for me, considering the fact I 've been pro animal my whole. When I say that I mean just measly thought of an animal getting hurt or brutally chastised would put me down every time. What led me to feeling this way was a video that was shown to me by my older brother when I was about five or six years old. My older brother was somewhat of a bully towards my younger sister and I, so when he showed me the video I was expecting it be one those videos where a dark demonic figure jumps out and frantically shocks you. So I was prepared for what was to come, When the video began it displayed a gorgeous scenery of a farm which looked like the setting could be somewhere in southern California. Then the title of the video displayed on the screen “Meat Frenzy”. By that point I was nervous and confused about what was to come next. So then the unbelievable happened, the cameraman enters this factory looking barn. The following scene 's contents were so gruesome and horrific it made me sick to my stomach, there were machines carrying live cattle and chickens, the machine would carry the helpless animals into what looked like a very powerful grinder. At the bottom the grinder of what looked like to be strawberry ice cream spewed from the machine? At that moment, I told my brother...

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... other two students why didn’t they raise their hands for either side which side they relate to the most and they both responded “we both decided that we don 't care that much” when I heard that I just thought to myself, wow that’s was very irrelevant and pitiful that they feel that way toward a deliberate topic like this, After they made that idiotic remark, I can conclude that the class leaned towards animal advocates. Now, with all of the research that I’ve done and testing that took place, I strongly support my position. Which I hope that a lot of can relate and do the same, now as I conclude this paper I remind that both sides support the lives of animals, one side just uses them to experiment for human advancement. I support the animal advocates and the animal protection community a hundred percent. So, I ask this question, who do you support in this dispute?

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