My Life Of Our Bond Was Thicker Than A Bowl Of Oatmeal Essay

My Life Of Our Bond Was Thicker Than A Bowl Of Oatmeal Essay

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Our bond was thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, we had the most incredible imaginations anyone could ever imagine, from thinking we were the power puff girls to trying to create a band using instruments that we made out of sticks and buckets laying around. I was the oldest followed by my cousin Leilani than the sisters Mariana and Natalie, Natalie being the youngest. We were at family party, blue balloons in the background along with people smiling and dancing behind us. Leilani was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with a white collar and had her hair in pigtails with front bangs that were lopsided because she tried to cut them on her own. She had a smirk on her face, for she was never into taking pictures .cp Next to her is Natalie with a white and pink floral dress with her hair laying gently over her shoulders. She was smiling like she wasn’t sure what she was doing, being the youngest she just followed what we did. I’m in the middle with my arms hugging everyone bringing us closer together. I’m wearing a black long sleeve dress; my hair is slicked back into a bun with a smile that no one could miss. Next to me was my little mini me Mariana who did everything with me, she always had an innocent look to her with a smile so gentle that would bring peace to everything. But who knew that a bond like ours could ever break, who knew that reality would soon hit us and we wouldn’t be as close as we use to, and who would’ve ever thought that with a blink of an eye we would all go our separate ways.
Smiling and laughing all the time how could a smile like that turn into a smile that would only show with alcohol and drugs. Mariana was such a sweet soul, sweeter than honey, a shadow of mine suddenly turned into a shadow towards those with b...

... middle of paper ... someone in this world. Now I am a twenty years old young lady that only strives for the best I’m attending college to study in interior design. I may struggle at times but I think back on my mom how strong she was and the different paths my cousins went through, puts me back on track.
As we grow so does our life and our ways, our innocence and the pureness of life changes. With a blink of an eye innocence could be a disguise for sins, being a shadow is a step before being a leader, or being in your own world is a test to bring it to life, or the struggles and success could be the lessons we learn from. By the way children seem or act it’s not always the way they’ll end up, the outcome may be great or not so great. The four of us once being as thick as oatmeal we’re now as different as day and night and who would’ve thought that us four would be where we’re at now.

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