Essay on My Life Of My Sister

Essay on My Life Of My Sister

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When we all think back about our life we can think of one moment when everything seemed to change for the better or worse. When I look back on my life I notice June 20, 2014. My two nephews and niece were born.
When my entire family first found out that my sister was having triplets the excitement was through the roof. As her pregnancy continued on the excitement stayed at a high level, but concern grew. The weight of carrying three babies was tough on my sister. It became such a problem that on April 23rd aka my birthday she had to be admitted to Good Samaritan in Cincinnati, Ohio. She had to stay in bed as much as possible and move very little.
Day by day as she stayed in the hospital my mother stayed with her. That left me and my dad to fend for ourselves four hours away. Neither of us were cooks and we didn’t clean much. Our definition of dinner was pizza from a local restaurant. We would go by four at a time and that would be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It certainly wasn’t a healthy lifestyle, but we didn’t have much of a choice.
We had to take care of the house. I had to learn to grocery shop, which was something I had never done before. My mother’s little dog had to be taken care of like a small child. What I did learn though was that I can survive no matter the circumstances. We lasted on our own for a little over a month. Eventually my mom came home and my other sister went to stay.
On every Saturday and several Sundays we would make the long trip up there and the long trip back at night. To say it was exhausting would be a severe understatement. Throughout the time our biggest concern was the babies. It looked more and more likely that the babies would be born early. A very scary and dangerous dilemma that was ou...

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... niece finally got out of the hospital and she was good to go. She stayed in a hotel room with her dad while her mom stayed in the hospital with the two boys. Finally on September 6th (their original due date) all three of them got to come home. It was a long time coming, but it was a great day.
Fast forward to today. They’re over two years old and in preschool. We see them almost every weekend. Seeing these kids grow up and learn new words every day is an amazing thing. My niece and nephews have had such a lasting effect on me. I didn’t really understand how precious life was or appreciate it as much as I should, but when you see events like that happen I guarantee it’ll change your life. It was a long 6 months. A truly trying time for everyone involved. If you asked me if I would go through it again it wouldn’t even be a question. My answer would be very obvious.

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