Essay on My Life Of My Father

Essay on My Life Of My Father

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It all began on earth and I aspire to reach the stars…
After I finished high school I had no idea what profession I should pursue, I did not know what appealed to me, what is it that I wanted? But my predicament was ephemeral since my father always had a plan for me which I was not aware of. My father had a dream in his eyes soaring high since his formative college years, the dream to study law. He could never fulfill his desire because of financial issues—my father hails from a farming family—my grandfather only had enough resources to properly clothe and feed his 6 children, the possibility of providing a higher education to one of them was far-fetched and incomprehensible to him. But my father was never dissuaded, he worked hard and made himself the man who would provide all the opportunities for his children. He became the man who would live his youth, and his dreams through his children.
The battle was over, I knew what I had to pursue, and I knew that I would fulfill what my father could not. When I first began, studying law was only an unfulfilled dream for me, something that I must complete and see through so that I can give my father the satisfaction he wanted for ages. But little did I knew then that this fascinating field would never let go of me. It grew on me, captivated me and widened my horizons. I discovered my inner sense of justice, all those childhood instances and memories when I would question right and wrong, when I would fight for a cause, or just being rebellious knowing that I’m not at fault and that justice should prevail; everything started making sense. It was like reading the chapters of my life again but with the glasses of law, and everything was suddenly sharp and clear.
Studying law felt so natural...

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...he same question, if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life? And I always said yes vehemently. I knew it deep in my stomach always that this is what I want to do. This may sound naïve that what a fresh law graduate can do when so many came before me only to be knocked in the teeth by reality, but I am prepared. I may not be able to facilitate all the changes I want to, but I must give it an honest try until I won’t I will never know. I will never be satisfied.
This journey may have begun as a daughter’s tribute to his father’s dream but I have transcended that dream. Now I have set myself on a much bigger dream which I would see fulfilled through every person I teach and help in becoming a law graduate. I am just the beginning of my father’s dreams…there are many dreams out there…many daughter’s…many father’s…many change makers in the making…like me.

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