My Life Of Becoming A Lawyer For Criminal Cases Essays

My Life Of Becoming A Lawyer For Criminal Cases Essays

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As I sit down in the gazebo, the wind blowing through my hair and making my arm hair lift up in goosebumps, I realized that this is the place I will call my home. The gazebo beauty speaks to me for I have a mark in my soul and body that I will never forget, and this feeling reminds me of a feeling I get when I am in church and speaking to God too. The gazebo has the Holy Spirit within her and she calls on chants to me, to comfort them, to love them and make sure they I am connected to God. The gazebo is a shelter to me when I lose myself. I am lost both spiritually and mentally, for I have been doing things that I shouldn’t be doing because I had a mindset of fulfilling my dreams of becoming a lawyer for criminal cases. For the gazebo calls me to her as if she were a mermaid who sings and lures her prey. There’s a siren that the gazebo uses to call me, and even if I do not see the gazebo due to tall buildings, I can see in my mind and hear her call me to come back and stay there to reconnect to God and myself. However, the image of this gazebo is different from everyone’s point of view because some may see it as a romantic place to be with a lover. Yet, some say that a gazebo is where one can find one’s self and feel a trinity of peace within the mind, heart, and soul. For me the gazebo is my safety net since I feel the peace and love inside of it, and the beauty of nature reaches out and reminds me of whom I am. The gazebo feels are my new home because I feel at peace as if I were in the paradise of Heaven and filled with the Holy Spirit too. This gazebo is a protector for me because it never judges me at my worst. Now, the gazebo is placed in Eastern Mennonite University for it is beside the Seminary and above the campus center...

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...tor was right because I have been distracted with these beautiful lies that surround me and creep on me every day. But then I realize that I have to find the truth and the truth is the Bible, therefore, I had to make a choice to do what God wants me to do or satisfy the devil. I keep on listening to the video and I realized that the gazebo and I made a choice and the choice was to reconnect with God and try to live a righteous path.
What I have learned about my haven is that this gazebo is my home and that it will forever leave a mark on my body and soul just like church does and that this is a place where I can forever go to speak to God, for nature is where God is and the gazebo is filled with plenty of Holy spirit and positive vibes too. Another thing I learned was that I will lose myself in college but I will have to find my way with the help of the gazebo.

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