Essay about My Life Of Becoming A Friend

Essay about My Life Of Becoming A Friend

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It 's always been hard for me to make really close friends. I 've always been mature for my age and I could never really relate to my peers. And my family moved a lot due to my mom 's job so any friends I did make, I didn 't keep. So for a long time I had no friends and I just couldn 't understand why.

Then I had an epiphany. No one wanted to be close friends because they couldn 't keep up with me. I am so scatter brained it 's ridiculous. Add that with my advanced maturity and my crazy big ambitions, well who could blame everyone.

So here 's the part where I wish I could say I just ignored all those haters and waited it out for my true best friends to arrive. And now, the three of us are the squad that 's tighter than everyone else 's.

But, that 's just not the case. I took everyone 's distance to heart, and completely changed myself. I basically gave up on my dreams of becoming an actress, because no one thought I could do it. I slowed myself down to everyone else 's speed and pretended to not be as smart or mature as I was. Well that got me a lot of fri...

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