My Life Of A Movie, Television Shows, And Novels All The Time Essay

My Life Of A Movie, Television Shows, And Novels All The Time Essay

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Older adults are portrayed in movies, television shows, and novels all the time. This widespread depiction of older adults in the media consequently affects the society’s perception of aging. Thus, as a nurse, it is essential to recognize which traits and characteristics rendered on screen are mirrored in real life, and which are mere myths. The purpose of this paper is to explore the life of a movie character, analyze the different factors influencing his aging, and review his lifestyle in terms of theoretical perspectives. Moreover, this paper also aims to express how the movie impacts my nursing practice and how it will change and improve my care for older adults.
Like every other summer in their married life, Norman Thayer Jr. and his wife Ethel go up to their cabin on Golden Pond to relax and bask in the tranquility it offers. Norman, a retired college professor, struggles to deal with his aging body and deteriorating mental faculties as he’s turning 80 years old. Throughout the movie, we see how Norman appears to be headstrong and critical of almost everything and everyone, which seems to be a defense mechanism to his fears and anxieties. Moreover, Norman also has heart palpitations in addition to his memory lapses. These changes facilitate his logic that he’s better off dead than continue to endure the path of declining health, which he thinks he’s on. Nonetheless, he is an active man for his age, he relishes being on his motorboat and fishing. However, at the start of the film, he has an almost non-existent relationship with his daughter, Chelsea, and he withdraws from any superficial social interaction. With the support and nurturing of his lovely wife, Norman fosters a connection with Billy, Chelsea’s stepson. Subseque...

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...t his wife is in the room, to make him more receptive to the teaching. Furthermore, when taking care of older adults with minor deficits in cognitive function, it is constructive to encourage them to be more socially engaged and participate in mental stimulation activities (Miller, 2015). The film and this assignment prompted my interest in gerontology as a specialty in nursing. I believe that one approach to augment my knowledge and nursing practice is to join the National Gerontological Nurses Association. By earning a certification, I gain access to the current evidence-based practices in the care of older adults and attain professional development. Nonetheless, I acknowledge that this path demands fulltime commitment and unwavering dedication. Hence, I will take and apply what I’ve learned from the movie and this course to my practice, one steady step at a time.

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