My Life : My Mom Had Just Signed You Up For Ballet Essay

My Life : My Mom Had Just Signed You Up For Ballet Essay

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Image your mom had just signed you up for ballet. You watched all the Barbie movies and practiced the dances, this was your dream. You wanted to dance like the people you see on television the girls in your class talked about dancing at their studios and you could only dream of what it must be like to be a real ballerina. Your mother saves up the money to get you into classes. Imagine your 7 and you go to you first class and meet the girls they don’t look like you at all. You’re too young to pay too much attention to something like that but you make note of it, and you begin to feel out of place. After class with the rest of the money your family had saved up, you go to the store you try to find a nude leotard and shoes, which are required for performances in you class. As you scan the isle and look around the store you start to notice that there isn’t something there for you. There isn’t a Ballerina in sight that looks like you, there isn’t leotard that was made for, you don’t belong, and there isn’t space in this world (or the real one) for someone like you. “Someone like you” meaning dark skin girls who dream of being a ballerina. You look up at your mother and you ask her, “Where are the black ballerinas in the store?” She looks down at you disappointed and is unable to provide you clarity. This is a common occurrence for children of color which continues into their adult lives. It doesn’t stop at one ballerina, but spreads to all different age groups and locations in the United States (and beyond).
There is a problem with having a standard of nude. When thinking of the color nude you think of a lighter complexion or until recently Webster’s dictionary stated nude (adj) having the color of white skin. When did nude become jus...

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...ld benefit me if I were to continue on this journey? I want to see more business catering to women of color and keeping them in mind. I want more bra companies as well as ballet companies to start understand that nude is not one shade but multiple. That Louis Viton heels aren’t the only shoe company to produce more shades. The market is there and so are the abilities to accomplish this task so why not create some thing that empowers people and not break them down. My hope is to become a part of this movement that are inspiring other women to love their blackness. I would like to provide insight and resources to women of color of products and provider that cater to ALL needs. This would resemble providing background as well and historical context as to why these certain products were created, including where they can be purchased and the benefits of the product.

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