Essay on My Life : My Grandma

Essay on My Life : My Grandma

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Her name was Jan Johnson to others, but to me she was known as Grandma. People were always talking about how hard she fought for everything. She was known as a fighter, but not the kind of fighter that you’re thinking of. My grandma fought every day for her life because of medical issues that she had. Sadly in February of 2014 she lost the fight. Those 16 short years that my grandma was in my life she taught me so many life lessons. She was an inspiration to so many people. Everyone loved her kind heart, her sweet smile, and her passion to do for others. The impact she left in my heart inspires me to be the person that I am today. My Grandma helped make me into the giving, friendly, stubborn, determined, and strong person that I have become.
My grandma always taught me to give back to others. She had the sweetest soul. She was always putting others before herself. She wanted people to have a better life then what she was living. Growing up I had a cousin who had autism and would get very frustrated at times because he could not get his words out to tell people how he felt, which made him turn violent a lot of the time. My Grandma watched him when his mom needed a break from it all. She never asked for anything in return. She put her whole heart into taking care of him and making sure that he lived the same life as any other kid. Watching this growing up it had a huge impact in my life. It showed me that no matter what you have going on in your life, putting others first will always make you feel better. She taught me that giving back to people isn’t so bad. This is something that I still carry with me today and remember always.
As I got older I realized just how much my grandma really struggled with her medical issues. Her m...

... middle of paper ...

...t down to help her up and asked why she didn’t say she needed any help. She looked at me and said “If you would have given me about 10 more minutes I could have done it by myself.” It was at that time I realized just how stubborn my grandma was. The older I get the more I realize just how much time I spent around her. I notice myself being just as stubborn and never asking for help. This is a trait that my grandma for sure handed down to me throughout the years.
My grandma was a friend, a second mom, a lover, a fighter, and stubborn. Besides all that she was inspiring. She formed me into the person that I am today because of the lessons she taught me along the way. The past year has not been easy, but I remember the good times, and tell myself I will always have a piece of her wherever I go, because she made me who I am. That always puts a little joy in my heart.

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