My Life Lessons For College Essay

My Life Lessons For College Essay

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Do you realize how much you have learned in just a short few months? Maybe you don’t realize it, but once you reflect about it, you will soon find out that you took more away from school than just a nap or two. It’s not only reading from a textbook and listening to lectures that count, but also the life lessons and preparing yourself yourself for college and starting a career. You might not want to think of high school this way, but it is the stepping stone for college.
Through my junior year, I taught myself that there will be things that I don’t like, and with that, you teach yourself to get through it because it is not going to be the last time you are out in a situation like this. You learn to tough it out and get through it. One of these “things” I have had to get over is reading. I have always dreaded reading until second semester this year, only because that is when I realized that these so called “things” are not going away. I then started reading interesting books to keep my attention and to keep me from falling asleep. The book I started out with is Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljas. This book is very action packed, similar to CSI Miami. The captain 's daughters and detective 's daughter were kidnapped only hours apart, one of the daughter being diabetic was relatable to me as I am also diabetic. They were found on July fourth, buried underground in the middle of a historical park. This book was about family, love, and being there for each other. It was a book I could not put down. After this book, I had decided that I really loved reading books like that. After discovering the genre of books I enjoy, I chose Family Jewels by Stuart Woods. This book is about a murder with a twist that involved the ex-husband. This was...

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...e I am actually in college. The class may be challenging sometimes, but you fight through it and make sure you are successful. Through many changes this year, I have found that I do well with staying organized, but I also found that my study routine should be more steady. I took all the ownership in my learning this year. It makes me happy to say that this school year has been one of my most successful years so far in high school.
In completion of my junior year, it is surreal to me that I will be a senior this coming fall. I know as I continue to grow and become a better person in areas that I would like to improve that I can succeed in anything I do. This world is a big world and everybody will change their own corner. I believe persistence is the major thing to have going into the real world and going out on our own. As long as you don’t give up, you will succeed.

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