My Life Is Moving On Without Me Essays

My Life Is Moving On Without Me Essays

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Sometimes it feels like the world is moving on without me, like everyone has a definite idea of what they want to do in the future while I’m stuck here waiting to see where life takes me. My decisions up until now have been an influx of choices that have put me in unfavorable situations. One of those situations was ending up at community college for longer than I would’ve hoped. Community college, sadly, isn’t as fun as it is depicted in television shows and that is especially true when there is no one to share the experiences with. I had a group of friends at the beginning of my time there, but sooner or later, they all departed and moved on, while I felt left behind.
I remember the days when I was a young and promising student from the Bronx that all of my teachers would praise. I remember when the simplicity in life wasn’t something that was yearned; it existed all around. The complications started to rise in high school when I ended up being in a new environment and was forced to find a place to fit in. I went to Science Park High School; a magnet school that represented a presti...

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