My Life Is An Individual Puzzle Essay

My Life Is An Individual Puzzle Essay

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Every experience in one 's life is an individual puzzle piece that contributes to the overall puzzle of life; however, some may be crucibles, which offer the possibility of complete transformation.(Awk) A crucible is a defining moment that involves a strenuous decision regarding a person’s fortitude, reasoning, honor, or fate. Hardships are virtually inescapable, yet they contribute to the entirety of life and allow individuals to recognize that they may be capable of surpassing more than they believe. Several crucibles that I have personally endured introduced me to the harshness of reality, the impurity of love, and the power of my choices, strengthening me into the person I am today. Although I may have failed to notice, my rigorous determination, life-changing move to another country, my parent 's divorce, and my brother 's misfortunes have definitely broadened and influenced my outlook on life.
When I was merely eight years old, my parents chose to move to Mexico. Living in Mexico was predominantly, one of the most difficult experiences I have ever encountered. During our yearlong stay in Mexico, I felt that I lost my sense of identity and sense of purpose. The children in Mexico were incomparable to the friends I had in New Jersey: they made me feel victimized and even worthless when I attended school. I lived in a constant state of fear because I did not feel secure, accepted, or relatable; however, I did feel fortunate to have been raised in the United States, although I did not know where my future was headed. Attending a bilingual school was also a challenge because most teachers understood meager English; however, I was able to push and motivate myself to understand the language and content. Fortunately, living in Mex...

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...xperiences have shaped me into the person I am today and have taught me valuable lessons about perseverance and inner strength. Moving from place to place has taught me how to adjust to new surroundings. I have also learned to make the best of whatever situation I am put in, regardless of my location. Moreover, my parents ' separation has motivated me to pursue all academic opportunities to please not only my parents, but also myself. When I think upon my brother 's burdens, I rejuvenate my urge to succeed. I do not wish to surpass my brother 's accomplishments nor to accentuate his failures, but instead, I hope to utilize his choices as means of motivation that will help me attain my goals. Overall, the hardships I have faced have made me mentally driven person. With time, I have become a resourceful problem solver, a purposeful student, and a grateful human being.

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