My Life in Pink Directed by Alain Berliner Essay

My Life in Pink Directed by Alain Berliner Essay

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Ma vie en rose (English translation: My Life in Pink) is a 1997 Belgian drama film directed by Alain Berliner. The film is about Ludovic, a young transgender girl who is seen by her family and community as a boy, but chooses to express herself as a girl and her family's struggle as they attempt to accept her gender. It comes as no surprise to me that a film like this would come out of Belgium. As it has frequently been referred to as one of the most LGBT friendly countries in the world, even as far back as the 1700s.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Belgium are some of the most progressive in the entire world. Same-sex sexual activity has been completely legal since 1795, and same-sex couples where granted domestic partnership benefits in 2000. Belgium then went on to become the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003 along with anti discrimination policies preventing any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace, and both public and Private housing, put into place that same year. Same-sex adoption followed soon after in 2006. Transsexuals have been allowed to change their legal gender since 2007. Recent polls indicate that a majority of Belgians support same-sex marriage. The Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, is openly gay and is one of the only two Prime Ministers in the world to identify as LGBT.
So as I said before with such a progressive country it's now sunrise at all that a Film about a young Trans-Girl exploring her identity would come from them. Ma vie en rose is a film that has the courage to tackle a subject that is different from what one would in mainstream movies, especially films in America. It also has a lot of messages for the viewer,...

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...e, is that since Ludo isn't flamboyant, or a queen, their desire to be a girl is almost never drawn attention to by Ludo themselves. Which is a stark contrast to many of the stereotypes people seem to have regarding Cross-Dressing and Trans-Indviduals. The innocence of this obsession initially confuses their family members, then angers them them, and in the end brings them together. With its breaking of middle class mores, Ma Vie en Rose might have appeared more taboo in the '70s. It's hardly that now.
Ma Vie en Rose is a touching, beautiful film that explores many concepts from gender, to self expression and children's views on sexuality. And while very little about it initially apparently Belgian. It's obvious the film makes had a great respect for this subject matter which makes perfect sense coming from a country where the LGBT community is so greatly accepted.

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