Essay on My Life History of Physical Activity

Essay on My Life History of Physical Activity

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Since around the age of twelve years old, my two brothers and I were obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and obtaining a physique similar to his. We were always checking the fitness magazines lying around the house for any tips to help us achieve our fitness goals. My father had a barbell, some plates and a couple of dumbbells scattered in our basement, so that’s where we began our quest. Also my aunt gave us her Bowflex, after my uncle had passed away. My first exercise was the barbell biceps curl, although I don’t recall how many repetitions I started out with. Eventually I learned more exercises to include different body parts that I was originally neglecting. Within a couple of months, we started seeing progress, such as increased vascularity, strength gains, and increased repetitions. We continued lifting, as we enjoyed the results we were getting. My father would always tell me that I was too young to be lifting weights, and friends would tell me my growth would be stunted. I paid them no mind, and stuck with what I enjoyed.
A few years went by and I was seeing a great amount of muscular hypertrophy. Classmates would call me “Arnold”, and would ask me to flex, and I became somewhat popular for it, which was great since I was the shy one in school. I was always asked to arm wrestle with students too. My parents signed me up to play soccer, and my brothers to play basketball. As much as we excelled in those sports, we didn’t continue them very long. I also became fascinated with martial arts, so I took Tae Kwon Do. I stopped taking martial arts after obtaining a green belt. The only activity I still engage in until this day is strength training, and cardio. By the time I was attending high school, my dream of being a bulky b...

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...ges we were selling were pretty expensive, not many people were willing to pay. I had quit, and decided to train people in their homes. It was very lucrative in comparison to working for a gym. I made more money, made my own hours, and didn’t have to sell; word of mouth is a powerful thing.
Writing this paper made me realize how much, exercise has become a part of me. I love the benefits that exercise has provided me with, aesthetically and mentally. It gives me such a great sense of accomplishment after every workout. I’ve been exercising for about twelve years, and I will continue for as long as I am alive.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this paper, as it brought back great memories that I’ve forgotten about. I’ve had no difficulties articulating, as I finally had the opportunity to write about a subject I can relate with more than anything else.

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