My Life Goals And Become An Obstetrician Essay

My Life Goals And Become An Obstetrician Essay

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Throughout my my life there has been one thing that has always been on my mind which is to continue on my education further than my parents. Since little I knew that I brought into this world to help others in need anyway possible. As the first person in my family to attend college I am facing many difficulties in succeeding, but I know that I am capable of doing anything I choose to put my mind on. Winning this scholarship would help me out a lot by paying for my education. I understand that the field I have chosen to pursue is difficult and requires many skills to be learned, as well as a lot of experience needed, and. I am fully aware of what it is that I want to be in life and do as a profession so the money would not go to waist.
The education needed to accomplish this long and difficult job many seem hard for many student, but I am very determined on my life goals and become an obstetrician is on the very top of my list. The first step in this field would be to get an undergraduate degree in science, which at this very moment is what I am trying to do. Throught the next four years of my life I am going to have to study daily and go above and beyond all the other student to be able to apply apply for medical school. My main goal at this point is to maintain a high grade point average while fully understanding everything being taught in a classroom, so that I will be able to succeed in the MCAT which is The Medical College Admission Test. This test is just one of the many to coming in this profession which primarily focuses on science, mathematics, English, and physics courses. After I pass this exam then I will be able to apply and attend medical school which will take about another four more years of education. The first t...

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...tting her life and my sisters in her hands. Fortunately my mother had no problem giving birth to mys sister and everything went according to plan. I believe I should be given the opportunity to win this scholarship because I know what I want to do with my life and I have a clear view on that dream. My mother along with the help of my teacher have helped me in anyway possible to be able to one day get the degree. Even though the education requirements may seem like a lot I am sure that I can accomplish it all. The doctor that helped my mother give birth to my sister was the first person to open my eyes and see the world as a whole new place. With this career I will be able to hold the next generation of children in my hands which in a way will make me feel joyful about the fact that the kids I once held in my arms will grow up to become different people in this world.

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