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My Life For The Healthcare Field Essays

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When I was fourteen years old, my great-grandmother had an ischemic stroke and struggled with Broca’s Aphasia until she passed away seven months later. What she left me with, however, was a gift greater than anything of monetary value: passion for the healthcare field. For months prior to her death, I watched her devote her life to redeeming her expressive language. I was inspired tremendously by her gallantry and decided that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. However, when I was applying to colleges, I chose nursing because it was what my parents suggested I pursue as a career. After coming to college with the anticipation of graduating with a degree in nursing, I was disappointed when, after two years of school, I realized that I was not passionate about the career field I had initially chosen. Consequently, my grades were in decline for two semesters. It was a devastating blow to me that I was not being as successful as I intended in college, but I knew that I needed to decide on a medical career that I could happily devote my life to. After considerable research, a decision that was well thought out, and my past experience with Broca’s Aphasia, I decided to pursue the field of Speech and Hearing Sciences; with a final goal of attending graduate school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. Through my education and knowledge, I have finally found what I could consider to be a rewarding and delightful career.
Speech- Language Pathology would be the ideal and most successful career for me to pursue because I am not only passionate about striving to help others succeed in their goals, but my skills in this field of study are imminent. Ever since I can remember, I have been devoted to bringing out the best i...

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...versity offers not only an incredible variety of classes, but a plethora of different internship and externship experiences that would benefit me professionally. I have also chosen to apply for acceptance to this program based on the National Examination of Speech-Language Pathology. After examining the facts and statistics, this school has an impressive pass rate for graduating SLP’s. Lastly, the reputation of the program and the faculty at this university is widely known and respected. The educators are highly trained and well-experienced, and the turnout rate for recent and past graduates is exceptional compared to other schools with similar programs. These factors are all important to me because it is crucial that the education I am pursuing is going to teach me the entirety of what I need to know in order to help others and provide stellar therapy in the future.

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