Essay on My Life Expectancy Is The Biggest Concern For Your Life

Essay on My Life Expectancy Is The Biggest Concern For Your Life

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The estimate for my projected life expectancy is for me to live till I am 82 years old. If I retire around the average retirement age of 62 then that will leave me with 20 years that I will have to live off of my retirement fund. This can be a real challenge, if I do not plan ahead and start to fund it now or I will have to dramatically cut my spending to help make the fund last 20 years. To help extend my life I need to reduce myself around smokers. Second hand smoke is the biggest concern for my life. It will affect my life expectancy the most out of all other factors. Reducing this I could extend my life up to 7 more years. A aspirin a day could potentially add up to a year to my life expectancy and help prevent heart disease. If I excersice more this would change my life expectancy tremendously by potentially adding up to 5 years on my life. This would highly affect my retirement fund if I lived an extra 5 years. I would need a lot more funding to take care more of myself and to pay bills. I am consistently trying to incorporate these recommendations into my life everyday if I can do this I should increase my life expectancy by at least a decade. I am preparing for this when saving for retirement so I have a buffer zone if I outlive my life expectancy. I have started to add these recommendations into my current behavior by going to the gym 4 times a week. I have limited myself around smokers so I do not get as much second hand smoke as I used too. I am taking an aspirin everyday to help prevent heart disease. I have felt these changes as well in my current behavior I feel a lot healthier now that I have changed my living habitats.
There are many normal age related physical changes that occur on the way to be...

... middle of paper ... to be treated and what will happen to your body after you die. If you don’t want to eat out of a feeding tube then they will not force it upon you if the form is properly filled out. Another decision is the selection of the healthcare agent who in the family or friends has power to speak to health officials when you cannot because of an accident. I personally do plan to file a living will because you must always plan for the unexpected so you are as ready as you can be for something like this. By filing you have already made the tough choices that would normally be a major burden to your family members and could potentially tear them apart. These allows you to get what you want when you physically/mentally can’t say it yourself, and allows you to be a major part in decision making with what happens to you. These are the main reasons I will be filing a living will.

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