My Life During The Dissertation Period Essay

My Life During The Dissertation Period Essay

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This was one of the part of series of my life where I learnt so many things about myself in just some couple of months during the dissertation period.
I. Start in advance, after the completion of lectures, we have got sufficient time to complete the dissertation. While imagining the dissertation it seemed like it can be done couple of months. But as I started doing the research, the scenario was completely different. Balancing the write up with the daily life was bit difficult. To be on track to start, there need to be a proper environment and goo access to information, which was one of the main concern when researcher started doing his dissertation. It took too much effort to go thought the whole research process.
II. Keep things in order, throughout the research process, it was bit difficult to keep all the thing in order maintain the records of the research and analysis of data. While doing this I have spent too much time organising it and arranging it in a proper way.
III. Spent most of the time on thinking to get fair output from the process, in the starting process, I didn’t feel like the current topic will have much importance, but as I moved further, each topic started relating to the previous chapters from every different way. That was the time, I learnt the importance of the base concept and importance of thinking before heading any further.
IV. Note down everything you do, I cannot highlighted, how important it is to note down our thoughts and everything we do. Because in the process, it cases a long break to think about the past, because writing a full description or interview help us findings fault in it, and we can get idea to fix it.
V. How to work independently, working with team members and working alone over...

... middle of paper ... effective way. Also an international business, which focuses on international organisation. As the business enlarge worldwide, it is very important for a company to have a professional in such a kind of area like global operation and cultural behaviour.
In most of the major business organisation, expect to point on research and training the skills, it is very important to manage the aspects involved in the constant running business which include business process and financial analysis. Which will prepare me for a diversity in business opportunities in various industries. Financing will help out to seek opportunities in finance sectors and investment areas and continuing that human resource will help company run smoothly. Key factors like economics theory will prepare me for evaluating and forecasting economic trends in order to develop operations and performance.

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