Essay about My Life Dreams : Becoming A Heart Surgeon

Essay about My Life Dreams : Becoming A Heart Surgeon

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In my life dreams have become an essential part of survival and thriving, dreams provide insight into my mind, and help me to better understand myself. For me dreams have become an embodiment of all my desires and aspirations, these quick bursts of images are at the very essence of the life I want to lead. Dreams are a quintessential part of my life, and they act as positive reinforcements to direct my energy into efficient, and beneficial activities for myself. With time and maturity, I have come to understand that dreams constantly change, with a changing in interest and different experiences in life. As a child, I had been focused on becoming a heart surgeon, but through different experiences and thought exposure, I came to have an avid interest in business. After taking multiple senior level science courses, I came to the sound conclusion that a career in science could never make me content, so I redirected my interest into the field of business. This change in interest and mindset enormously influenced my dreams, helping me to understand that dreams are not meant to remain the same throughout life, but they should change with time and experience. Easing into my last year of high school, I feel my imagination exhausting itself with the wide variety of dreams I have been having. These dreams have ranged tremendously, from envisioning myself being admitted into all my schools of preference, or not graduating at all. Creating these fantasies have become an activity of indulgence for me; I find myself fascinated in my ability to guide and create ideal versions of life. However, from my own experiences I understand that it is important to establish the border between dreams and reality. Dreams sometimes began to create a pressure ...

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...reates an unhealthy distraction from reality.
In the novel Gatsby is never able to accept reality and abandon his dreams, even after Daisy’s neglect of his sentiments. Unlike Gatsby, I had control over my dreams, and was able to abandon them when I felt consumed or obsessive towards them. Like Gatsby, I too I’am infatuated with the past and attaining the academic and emotional successes I once had in the early years of my life. However, I possess the understanding to know that the past is a frame of time, and it is impossible to recreate or preserve it. For me, I have more control over my dreams, than Gatsby who 's perception become clouded by his obsession with achieving an intangible and impossible love. The novel strongly depicts the morality of how the dominance of dreams, is destructive in nature and becomes a distraction and blinder of what life truly is.

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