My Life Changing Event Of A Terrible Car Accident Essay examples

My Life Changing Event Of A Terrible Car Accident Essay examples

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A lot of people search through life trying to find something that means something to them, something life changing. I experienced my life-changing event when I was 3 years old. I was in a terrible car accident. Realistically, being 3, I do not really remember what all happened – I remember a few details though, the feeling, the pain, and my parents reactions. Their reactions were crucial in the development of my realization of this life-changing event. All through my life I grew up with this crazy thing that had happened in the past and all I had were my parents’ recollections on the events that occurred. But, youth is just kind of weird like that – you tend to hear more about what you experienced than actually remembering it. My parents really had the worst of the deal though, since they were no even in the car with me all they heard about the incident was that their 3-year-old kid was in an accident. You can imagine what they were going through. So, this is all I have to go on of this crazy day, my parents’ memories, their reactions, and their emotions.
Talking to my dad about the entire incident I can give you a basic rundown on what transpired. “Your mom and I were at work when we got the call” he says when asked what he was doing. Roughly they were waiting for me when I was in the hospital for “17 ½ hours,” I had, “went to surgery at 8pm and we did not get to see you until 1pm then next day and it was only for 20 minutes.” Imagine being a parent of your toddler child who was in the hospital for a serious wreck and no one was able to tell you any information on the sole fact of whether or not your kid was going to die. The way he described the waiting makes it seem insanely agonizing – like it physically hurt him to wait th...

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...motional state more than anything – worried, guilty, and frantic out of his mind. This was entirely acceptable, however – I feel like there would not be any other way to react.
The car wreck was a defining moment in my life. It gave me a whole new perspective on simple things I take for granted like living. My parents were both insanely worried for me and for my safety. Their memories, reactions, and emotions through the whole event realistically gives me the most insight out of anything possible on this terrible night. My parents turned into the frantic concerned parents last night and this is illuminated through the talk I had with my father about the night of the crash. I am glad I have parents who love and care for me – the type of way they are, the emotions they showed last night, all of that shows me how good of a life I have – regardless of what may happen.

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