My Life At The Ghetto, Riding Public Transit Essay example

My Life At The Ghetto, Riding Public Transit Essay example

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Growing up in the ghetto, riding public transit to get everywhere, and going to public school forced me to see a great many things my environmental peers will never see first hand. I saw homeless people sleeping on the train, to get out the rain and thunder, as I rode but from my job at a grocery store in a ghetto that was not my own. I would wait until I got home from school to eat anything from kindergarten to eighth grade, and grew up as a fat kid, because the food I had at home from unhealthy. I personally took pleasure out of eating junk food out of vending machines in my high school, instead of eating the “healthy” garbage public school provided. I remember what parts of my city looked before urban renewal. I know that people lived next door to me for most of my lie are more likely to eat fast, rubbish and more likely to be unhealthy and the two are connected. I also know that
Fast food as we know dates back to right after World War II and two men: Richard McDonald. Maurice McDonald. The first two are the name sakes of the big golden “M” millions around the world know, many of which love it, and possibly equally as many hate it. The McDonald’s brothers did something revolutionary: they applied assembly line factory tactics to a commercial kitchen; they got rid of utensils, and made all they containers nonrenewable. This lead them to slash the number of employees they had on payroll, while also cutting their wages. All of these innovations let them produce cheap and “fast-food”. Without knowing it, the brothers produced more than an efficient and profitable restaurant. They created the predecessor to a mega-transnational-corporation and a model that would be duplicated for generations to come. They created fast food and the...

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...its” (Jones 2002) (Mikkelsen 2007). The mothers said that their children usually choose American fast food over traditional food. Second generation Asian-Americans have been found to be more resilient to Americanization, through foods at least (Caprio 2008). In this real world, indigenous people still exist. They are just like every other American, except them moving away from their traditional foods has even more consequences on indigenous people. Indigenous leaders say that the loss of traditional food systems not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but also alcoholism, infections and cancer (Kuhnlein & Receveur 1996). These examples of groups eating fast food is more frightening than one may think at first. Yes these people who have been Americanized through the greatest of American fast food also takes away so cultural identity that comes with individual food.

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