Essay My Life At The College Of Lake County

Essay My Life At The College Of Lake County

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A personal sociological experience that was very meaningful, and also eye opening, to me was my transition from strict catholic schools all my life into a new chapter of my life at the College of Lake County. Although both my grade school and my high school were strict, it was at Carmel Catholic High School that I really began to see how strict and uniform school had become. When first coming to College of Lake County, I was incredibly taken aback by everything. The people, the social groups, the classes, the “freedom” you name it, and I was surprised by it.
Just to start off, school and religion were the biggest agents of socialization I had in my life during high school. An agents of socialization are people, institutions, and social structures that pass on our social expectations and influence how we think and act. Considering we had weekly masses, morning/lunch/afternoon prayer, multiple religion classes every semester, and I was at school for over 35 hours a week, it was nearly impossible for me to not be greatly influenced by them. Since coming to CLC, religion and school have taken on a different meaning to me now, but I can say I am happier with it. Religion influences me just as much now, I would say even more so than peers and family, because being away from what occasionally felt like “forced” prayer gave me time to focus on what I saw as important. I also have stopped seeing school as a “chore” and actually excel more in college than I ever did in the past.
Charles Horton Cooley discussed the “Looking Glass Self” , where the self is a product of our social interactions and society provides a mirror that reflects who we are. Who I was in my high school is vastly different of who I am now. At Carmel, we a...

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...ulture (all objects and ideas within a society) and see things as they did, demonstrating cultural relativism.
I feel as if this resocialization process helped me better define myself and find my “spot” where I am supposed to be. Although I am apart of a dominant culture that receives the most support from society and is more powerful/important, graduation from Carmel where everything was defined for me allowed me to break out and find new things that are considered normal and accepting, such as experiencing and being apart of different subcultures that are just a segment of society that has mutual folkways (custom/belief known by members of the culture), mores (established moral norms in the culture), and beliefs. This transition was very beneficial to me, and I can say that I am truly happier because of my experiences that I have been able to gain through it.

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