My Life At My Mother 's Homeland Essay

My Life At My Mother 's Homeland Essay

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As I left the plane onto a whole new landscape, an environment so foreign and odd scented, it turned my stomach upside down making me feel homesick when I know that I will be sustaining my life here for the next six weeks of my life in the summer of 2013. I know I probably should be excited to go and visit my mother’s homeland in Vietnam before she immigrated to the United States, but this was not what I have anticipated when I left the nice and clean airport to a land full of pollution and filth. The streets were covered with people’s litter all over the place, and the place itself seem chaotic with a bunch of people rushing to where they need to go. Traffic was crazy since there were no strict traffic laws meaning people can speed and bustle all over the place. What was more frightening was that people cross the road at anytime during the chaotic traffic. The city was unbelievably warm as well; it was late in the evening and the thermometer on my phone read it was 87 degrees Fahrenheit as I sweltered to put my luggage into the car and also with my anxious family around me trying to hug me and kiss me.
After a long car ride, I finally arrived at my grandparent’s house and there were so excited to show my sister and me around the house and the neighborhood despite it being midnight already. It was a nice sized home compared to the houses around it but it did not meet up to my expectations. I was so used to the comfortable bed with air-conditioning, but this house does not have air-conditioning nor is there a proper bed. Instead, there was a cushion type of mat that I laid on to sleep. As I was trying to sleep, I knew that this was going to be a long six weeks of my life. I will miss the unique gadgets back in my home, my comfor...

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...ted States my home even though I might not be living as an ideal American family there. Even though I live in a small house barely passing by in the American society, I know that I am more well off than most other people who don’t know when their next meal is, and who do not know if they are able to feed their kids and survive for tomorrow. As I was at the airport ready to depart, with everyone crying including myself, I saw an older man sitting by himself in old ragged clothing similar to the woman I have seen in the city. At this moment, I was reminded of that fact that I am thankful for what I have and will try to understand that not everyone does not have the opportunity to live life like I do in the United States. I strive to do my best to do well in the United States, and hopefully, I can help my family and others who are struggling with poverty in the future.

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