My Life At Light Speed Essay

My Life At Light Speed Essay

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Five years ago, i sat in my room alone looking out across the city of pocatello. It was dark ,and cloudy outside so all i could make out were the street lamps down below. While i sat there on my bed tears were streaming down my face, and i was doing my best to block out the noise coming from down the hall. My parents were fighting again. The sound of their argument pierced my walls as though they were made of paper. I simply sat there simply not knowing what to do. After what seemed like an eternity of tears, my eyes started to feel heavy, but try as I might I could not go to bed. Thoughts were racing through my mind at light speed. I wondered why my parents were fighting, I wondered what the future might hold, and I wondered how my brothers were feeling as they slept in the basement. Well after a time I laid my head down on my pillow, and wrapped myself in my soft blankets. I slowly drifted off to sleep while down the hall my parents fought.
The scene which took place in my home 5 years ago did not include just myself for I have a rather large family. My family is comprised of my parents ,and four younger siblings. The scene which took place in my home five years ago was not a one time event. Over time my parents began to fight more and more often. My life in those days was saturated with sadness. I was always stressed out, and I had trouble sleeping. My brothers were experiencing much of the same symptoms as I was. There were many stormy days back then or at least it seemed so to me.
Eventually that event which i had most feared in my life came to pass. My parents decided to get divorced. Even though I suspected that this was going to happen the news hit me like a freight train full of depression. I remember that not long ...

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... true happiness. One of the largest factors was time which is a factor that heals most emotional wounds. When I was younger, I did not truly understand what was going on, and I did not know how to deal with it. As I grew up I began to develop a greater understanding of the situation, and I was better equipped to deal with stress. Another reason time helped me out was as I progressed closer to adulthood my feeling’s of independence grew. In addition i found it hard to remain mad at my parents as the years progressed. Counseling was another factor which helped me to move on. At first I was very much against it because i did not want to talk to a total stranger about my problems. Once i became comfortable with the idea of counseling, and opened up it truly changed my life. There are many more factors which led to my transition, but time and counseling were the biggest.

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