My Life At Green School Essay

My Life At Green School Essay

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Each morning I would rise to the booming voice of a muezzin as he performed the azan. “Selamat pagi yanni,” my father would say before he began his prayer. After his prayer was finished my parents and I would sometimes stop to buy lunch from a street vendor, which are found throughout Bali. My mother and I would then got to school; she was one of my teachers. I attended a school that utilized solar panels and a mini hydro vortex which powered the magnificent bamboo classrooms across the campus. This school was unlike any school due to the fact that walls were nonexistent; allowing students to interact with the plants and animals that surrounded the school grounds. Each grade possessed a garden full of red tomatoes, eggplant, and banana trees that the students had to personally maintain. Once the fruits and vegetables were ripe the cooking staff would use them to prepare a meal for everyone. The school 's goal was to be eco friendly and therefore it was appropriately named Green School.
Spring of 2010 my mother was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Shortly after my mother was flown from Indonesia to Wisconsin, where her side of the family lives, in pursuance of a better medical facilities. Come mid august I received a phone call from my mom asking if I would like to come to the U.S. My father also urged me to go as well although my father would be unable to come along. After discussing this with my father I decided to go. I flew was over 9,000 miles to a county I have never been to, to see a family I have never seen. Easy enough right? The day I arrived I was taken to see my mom.I walked into the room and was face to face with a woman I could barely recognize. Her face was gaunt, drained of color, lips cracked and dry....

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... subjects that I struggled in such as math and english.Throughout all of highschool I have tried to take classes that would challenge me in subjects that I struggle with like math or english. I worked hard throughout middle school to finally catch up to my classmates.
As senior year comes to a close, I am excited to further advance my knowledge at a university that will test my skills and challenge me to do the best I can do. The changes from one country to another were challenging however I worked hard in order adjust to my new surroundings. Both the move to the U.S. and the loss of my parents have been very difficult, but through hard work I have persevered in order to keep my promise. I will enrich the Oshkosh community by Incorporating diverse values, enhanced by my willingness to learn and my capability to adapt to new environments in order to succeed.

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