My Life As A Career For Health Care Administration Essay

My Life As A Career For Health Care Administration Essay

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This is of anecdote of two step-sisters from Miami, Teresa and Julia, who have lived and gone to school in the United States all their lives but who live through their teenage years with different mentalities. I trust that we make our own future and that nothing is predestined, she does not. I find that teenagers should take advantage of this time they have in High School to get superior marks to achieve the best possible outcome for their future. She does not.
Teresa is a few years older than me and is currently pursuing a career in Human Resources Management. I dream to pursue a career in Health Care Administration. When we were little we were raised with the same morals and teachings. Our father instilled in us the same character of courageousness, self-confidence, and poise. We didn’t grow up amoral. We grew up instilled in our values that we were the owners of our destiny and that our future was in our own hands.
Instead, Teresa started to believe in fate. She started to believe that things were not in her control and that her future was already written. She really thought that there was a fixed natural order to the universe that nobody could control. Her logic started when she was developing her relationship with God. She began to discover the relief of believing in a greater spirit and in having faith. She started to learn God’s so called “master plan”. If she had a motto, it would have been “go with the flow”. It’s not that she stopped trying in school or that she was giving up on herself, but her drive to conquer the future little by little dwindled. As a teen aspiring a great future, I think it’s necessary to have faith in that the fact that you carve your own path.
Teresa is still a scholar student and...

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...o don’t feel sad because I will be happier than ever”. I held on to that and it made me feel better. I knew that my grandfather was in a better place.
I felt then the same peace thanks to the faith in god that my sister feels every day. I will never forget the relief that grandpa was in heaven with Mimi, my grandmother. They were together at last and although sometimes I doubt god’s existence that idea gave me comfort.
Teresa and I disagree that our future is controlled by god, however, we both have faith in him. She believes in god with every fiber in her body and trusts that god will guide her to lead the master plan he has in store for her. I believe that god takes care of us but that we have free will and we crochet our own choices that build our prospect future. I disagree that he has a plan for our life and that my future depends solely on my choices.

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