My Life And Higher Education Becoming An Elementary School Teacher Essay

My Life And Higher Education Becoming An Elementary School Teacher Essay

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Statement of Purpose
Throughout my adult life and higher education becoming an elementary school teacher has been a goal of mine. Growing up I spent time in my mother’s classroom observing what it takes to be a teacher. It wasn’t until I started college that I realized what it really takes to become a teacher, and I realized that I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. In September 2015 I started working at a daycare with children from the ages of six months to twelve years. In that setting I learned how important it is to have a connection with the children, also including their parent. In my job I respect the children and listen to their thoughts and opinions, and in return they show the same level of respect, if not more. When being a teacher there must be respect between the teacher and the student.
In my prerequisite observation hours I observed an outstanding teacher, who I learned a lot from about having respect between the teacher and students. For this teacher she made sure that her students had a voice in the classroom, and in return when it was her turn to speak ...

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