My Life And Gender Expectations Essay

My Life And Gender Expectations Essay

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The experiences that I am about to discuss regarding my life and gender expectations in school are what I felt, went through and continued to go through until I was able to come to grips with, are real and heartfelt.
As far as I can remember, being a little girl between the ages of four and five in junior kindergarten, I was able to understand the difference between male and female. It did not take long to realize that I was a little different even from most of the females. At this very early point in my life, the realization was that I was not skinny like most females of my age in my class. I did not make an issue of it, until I started getting a little older and wiser.
At the age of eight I was bullied not only by my classmates but people of both genders whom some I considered to be my friends. It was not only my weight. I had short hair and crooked teeth. I thought that I was normal. I would be left out of games; I was not allowed to be friends with certain people of both sexes. When I look back it was disgusting that I had to endure that at such a young age. The only thing that kept me positive was the constant reminders at home from my parents that I was beautiful.
As Toglia (2013) suggests, “that children as young as six years old already have well-defined expectations about gender and are beginning to determine for themselves which career paths are not meant for them by virtue of their sex alone.” Analyzing this quote today tells me that at the very young age I knew that I would not be a model for Vogue magazine in the future.
When I reached the age of twelve I ended up getting braces which I absolutely hated because it just added on to the frustrations and feelings that I had already been dealing with earlier in my life ...

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...w just starting to scratch the surface on why gender differences cause so many issues and assumptions. These gender issues that exist in our social environment whether at school or in public cause depression, low self-esteem and to the highest of all issues taking ones’ own life to deal with.
In conclusion and in my opinion, education about gender issues at the younger ages should be more available to educators, parents and students so that there is an understanding that what goes on around you or anyone else could seriously affect their future and livelihood. There should be no discrepancy on social construction that deals with gender whether the girl or boy is pretty, skinny or of the right color or race. This is honestly a huge problem in today’s society considering all the tools and social media that we have at our disposal to be completely a different society.

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