My Life And Admiration For The Healthcare Field Essay

My Life And Admiration For The Healthcare Field Essay

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My passion and admiration for the healthcare field began during my teenage years, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis—a chronic, autoimmune disease affecting various joints throughout my body. As I went through years of treatment, my physician and other medical professionals were instrumental in helping me to maintain a positive attitude after my diagnosis. Their care was the impetus for my future goals, as I saw the genuine goodness that they felt from helping others. As a result of all the medical help and emotional support that I received from these medical providers throughout my youth, I have chosen to pursue a career in the service of others through the public health field.
Confronting the experience of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a young age and the subsequent years of treatment that went along with it taught me how to take better care of my body and to improve my well-being. This has led to an additional passion of mine—to find innovative ways to encourage individuals to become more engaged in their own health and the health of significant others in their lives. Through public health, changes in an individual can lead to constructive, health-related lifestyle modifications in the community.
Throughout my undergraduate years, I have volunteered and subsequently worked at a hospital as a patient transporter. That role allowed me to gain much experience regarding healthcare policies and regulations in action. My work experience at a hospital also showed me that not every individual has health insurance, and that I was lucky and privileged enough to be insured through my mother, which allowed me to afford the care that I needed to receive during my youth. This is why I believe that all individuals...

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...da for a Master of Public Health Degree, with a Health Policy & Programs concentration from the College of Public Health because of the school’s rich history, national rankings, and diverse student body. Furthermore, the College of Public Health’s promise to the community “…to passionately solve problems and create conditions that allow every person the universal right to health and well-being” has truly touched my heart, and has drawn me to apply to USF for my graduate degree.
My career goal is to be a healthcare system policy analyst at the federal level while being employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I want to be involved in improving America’s healthcare system and public health structure. I know that the University of South Florida’s College of Public Health can instill in me the skills and knowledge to help me achieve this undertaking.

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