My Life After High School Essay

My Life After High School Essay

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Coming from a small town where farming and working right after high school is what everyone decides to do, I decided to further my education by going to college. College to some people isn’t even an option, most kids would follow up their families and go work for them or start helping out around their farms or in the family business. Not wanting to be stuck in my hometown for my young years or working right after school I started looking at colleges to get out and go do bigger and better things.
Inspiring me to leave my town and go off to college was my parents but most importantly my sister, who was already in college and the first of my family to do so. While looking at colleges to attend I found a good paying job doing construction during the summer. Having this job almost persuaded me to not go to college and to just work there and start a career. After having this job for a couple of months I came to realize that this isn’t what I wanted to do and that I would rather pursue a higher education. What led me to the decision of going to college was that instead of working as the low man on the totem pole I could go to school, get a degree and explore other options. The boss of the company which I worked for was a Citadel grad who built the company from the bottom to being one the best in the state in its field. After talking to the boss I was informed that I could land a higher up job in the company and instead of doing the dirty work, I could get into the business aspect of the field. With this in mind I started focusing on finding the right college to attend.
In todays generation the higher education someone has then the more likely they are to be successful. Not many people become successful with just a high school educat...

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...ryone who ever said I couldn’t do it was wrong. The feeling of proving everyone wrong and also the feeling of family members supporting me made me feel good about my accomplishments.
Even though this experience doesn’t come off as a big deal, it was a big deal for me. Finding out I would be pursing a higher education and not being the kid who peaked in high school and stayed around my town was a great feeling. Being very thankful for my friends and family who supported me and lead me in the right direction I knew that I had to make them proud and succeed in college. Everything that I went through to get the opportunity to pursue a higher education was worth it. Now being at one of the top colleges in the south I feel like everything was worth it and I accomplished my goal of making it out and now have the chance to make something of myself and prove everyone wrong.

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