My Life : A Book And It Really Did Change My Way Of Thinking And Perspective On Life

My Life : A Book And It Really Did Change My Way Of Thinking And Perspective On Life

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This book was truly a well written book and it really did change my way of thinking and perspective on life. This book made me think a lot about my life and about the people’s lives that were changed by this movement. As for my life it makes me feel a lot more blessed for what I have and the people I have that love and respect me. This helps me realize how lucky and privileged I am to live in a free country. They had no running water anywhere they went at home, churches or schools they attended. The things this Author went through was outrageous and so brutal but just like I said earlier about myself, it made him look at life in a different way and helped him become successful and accomplish things he wanted as he did. I felt like this just by reading it I can’t imagine how he felt by actually going through this. It makes me very proud that this man stepped up with all the other people and helped make this movement happen. I really think he changed a lot of lives in Pike County just as well as the United States. The people that stood with him during this movement black or white we...

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