My Letter On My Name Ahmed Ammar Ahmed Mubashir Essay

My Letter On My Name Ahmed Ammar Ahmed Mubashir Essay

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Ammar Ahmed Mubashir
Sullivan University

Mid-Term Paper
About Me
My name is Ammar Ahmed Mubashir, was born and raised in one of the prominent, historical and IT hub of India, Hyderabad. I completed my undergraduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in Electronics and communication engineering. My favorite subjects were Mathematics, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design and Project Management. I landed in the states in early 2009 at O’Hare International Airport Chicago IL; currently I am leaving in Nashville TN.
In my leisure time, I love reading novels, watch TV and play soccer and cricket with my friends, I wish I could get more leisure time. I can say I am very responsible, sinecure and hard working person. I am very enthusiastic person and always welcome challenging tasks. My friends says I am very good in managing any activity I always act as a leader in any activity such as playing soccer or going for vocation or in any group activity in school.
About My Company
CHS/Community Health Systems, Inc. is one of the largest hospital organizations in the states based in Franklin TN, was founded with the first purchase of a hospital in May 1985. It owns, leases, and operates delicate care hospitals in non-urban and urban areas in 29 states of the United States. “The company’s hospitals offer general and specialized hospital healthcare services, including general acute care, psychiatric, general and specialty surgery, critical care, emergency room, internal medicine, obstetrics, diagnostic and rehabilitation services. It also provides supplementary outpatient services at critical care centers, occupational medicine clinics, imaging centers, cancer centers, ambulatory su...

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...duct manager, it is not enough to excel in the role. The industry needs to push for better education tailored to aspiring product managers”[6].
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