Essay about My Leadership Style is Tranformational

Essay about My Leadership Style is Tranformational

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A1. Leadership Styles

My leadership style would be a Transformational Leadership. I believe in the philosophy that we are everything in this universe is connected and we inter-dependent beings/non-livings. We are interdependent as individuals, but we need each other or to depend on each other to survive or strive/to be successful in this world together. We are so unique as individual, but we have different or special skills and other uniqueness about each other us. It does not matter whether we talk about human beings or other non-livings. I believe that the universe is within and with us. We have the equal as human beings regardless of our different ethnicities, languages, cultures, regions, races, colors, sex and others. Because of my belief as stated above, I believe that each one of us can reach our full potentially of any dreams or career goals that we want to accomplish. I believe that we can accomplish anything and everything if we work together as a team.

I will do my very best to develop and transforming people/team members to work together. I will use more of rewards than punishments for teams. Being a Transformational leader, I believe that I can lead them with my: vision, passion, inspiration, enthusiasm well as my special skills, and serve as their role model to accomplish what I see our department or company must accomplish or achieve to be successful now and in the future. I encouraged, motivate and make the impact on others to high productivity and engagement from all team members. I can assist my team members by doing the following:
1. To make sure my team members are aware of what the importance and values of certain rewards and how to achieve them. For example, if we can produce more quality pro...

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...cts/services and everything we do, so that we do not suffer or lost together as a result of my lack of abilities in it. They must be detail-oriented workers who can get the jobs or projects done earlier the scheduled dates. I must do my best myself to make sure that I balance my big picture with my team members as well I need to be more organized and detail-oriented person to the best of my abilities, so I can just rely on my team members alone.

On the other hand, because I rely too much on my emotion and passion and overlook truth and reality, I may not be willing to spend times and energy into research, study and logical reason to deal and face with the truth of what it takes for our department and company needs to do according to the situations that we are facing. I must be willing to accept and uncover the truth about situations or job markets that we face.

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