My Leadership : My First Leader Essay

My Leadership : My First Leader Essay

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For everyone leadership means something especial. For some people leaders are those who can inspire, control, sometimes organize them, for others leaders are the most honest persons. There is no individual who never met at least one leader in their life. For someone the first leaders are parents or other relatives, for other teachers or coaches. I am that person who met the first leader in the training arena. For me leader is a person who always can support people without any pressure, who will never force other to do what they want.
My first leadership story begins when I was ten years old. At that moment I just started to do athletics. My athletics trainer was the first leader. her name was Elena. She was a young woman, around 30 years old. I still remember each detail of her face, short and dark hair, her voice, and of course her incredibly strong personality. I didn’t like athletics for a long period of time, trainings were difficult, hard and exhausted. I thought that I am too small to begin a sport career, that in the future there will be a lot of time to start training. However, Elena over persuaded me because she was the biggest authority for me. She could say just one word to make that effect on me what she wants. There was not any “no, I do not want, or I am tired” for her. Whereupon, I started to enjoy training so much, I was waiting for them with such excitement. I used to train alone, that is why she had many opportunities to ay me as much attention as I will demand. It was the first time in my life when I understood that whenever you are, there would be two groups of people, followers and leaders, who always inspire others to achieve their goals. For Elena it was enough to look at me to inspire me. She never shouts,...

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...on of trainers gave me a chance to represent my country on The Asian Junior Athletics Championships. I was the most important event in my life ever. I went there, I did not win, but I gain an amazing experience. Everything I have achieved in the sport would not be without my wonderful coach.
This short story shows how some people can affect other, how leaders can guide to the right path. My leader made everything to make me successful sportsman. She leads me for a long time, and during this time she never manipulate me, never force me to do exercise. Whatever she did and said everything was just a support for me. Elena becomes for me someone especial, she is my first leader in life. She taught me how to overcome any obstacles and how become a leader for yourself. One person can change whole your life, but everyone needs to be sure that this person is a right person.

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