My Journey of Life

My Journey of Life

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Being the wild child that I am, I refused to wear shoes. To get to the lake or canal at my grandmother’s house, I would have to walk down a road, and in Texas during the summertime, the road was incredibly hot. So without shoes, my feet would get burned, and after I mastered the barefoot run a little more, I figured out that if I ran as fast as I could to the shaded spots, wait there until my feet cooled, and then run as fast as I could to another shaded spot, my feet would be relatively unscathed. And that’s life. Life is the rough road that will burn your feet, and the shaded spot are the little bits of happiness we keep finding, and keep looking for. Everyone has their own desires and goals they want to accomplish in life, and mine is simply to be happy.
I attend The Science Academy of South Texas (SciTech), a school very diverse in ethnicity, religion, teaching methods, and personality. It is a small magnet school, my senior class being only 143 students, so I’ve had the privilege to know each kid in my class very well over these four years. The education and life lessons it has provided me with has helped mold me into the person I am today, and the person I want to be in the future. I learned from students at this school who emigrated from places such as Russia, Africa, Iran, people who had hard lives, who lived through hard experiences. I used to feel uncomfortable around my friends who have been through a lot because I’ve had the easiest life imaginable. I used to feel ashamed, and when I told them that, they agreed that I do live and easy American life, but that I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Instead of being ashamed, I should take all the privilege I’ve had, all the education, and all the skills I was lucky to be given a chance to develop and give back to the world. They taught me there is so much more to this life we live and it is possible to use all this good fortune I have been given to make a difference. To make a difference in just one person’s life, may it be microscopic or significant, is what I hope to do with my career.

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To make others life easier, more manageable, happier, or more worth living in turn contributes to my one life goal, which is to be happy.
Happiness for me is found in many places. It isn’t only limited to helping people, but it is also found in my enjoyment of nature. The first family trip I can remember going on was to Yellowstone Nation Park when I was seven. It was the first time that I remembered seeing snow, bison, bears, the smell of a campfire, falling into freezing water. My dad says that Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all, and I agree. It is only when I am in nature- away from all the cell phones, television, automobiles, and the rush of everyday life- is when I feel a part of something greater then my little world. It is amazing how much I fixate on trying to make my little life perfect for myself. I overwhelm myself with homework, school grades, volunteer work, college acceptance, my future, and nature is a needed escape from that life. Because when I am in nature, that is when I feel a part of something greater than our civilization, and it feels majestic- a connection of the celestial kind, and it makes me happy.
Doing everything I can to make the world a better place, hearing birds sing in the morning, seeing the northern lights, and many more simple actions are the shadows on the burning road of life. These are the little bits of happiness cast down for me to take. Life is about what you do with it and the way you live it, and I will choose be happy.

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