My Journey Of Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

My Journey Of Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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Journal 1
My journey to finally realizing of becoming a student in this RN Executive Program has been a long journey filled with excitement and disappointing periods. I 've started this quest in the Summer of 2015 and here I am, two years later, starting my first class in the program, Nursing 301.
My quest of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) actually began in the year 2000 while I was a Emergency Medical Technician in the military. With my wife 's and military colleagues ' encouragement, I decided to go back to school to become an RN. I took and completed all my general education requirements for the Associate Degree in Nursing and finally became a nursing student in the Fall of 2001 with intentions to obtain my BSN soon after that. A few weeks after starting the ADN program, the terrible events of 9/11 occurred, setting my military career into high gear by getting promoted through the ranks along with the additional responsibilities. I welcomed the military promotions as a way to supplement my family income while I attended nursing school. Soon after graduating from the ADN program in the Spring of 2003, I became active with the military for about 8 months thus putting my quest for the BSN on hold. In January 2004, I was hired and started working The Queen 's Medical Center (QMC) in January 2004. Two months after completing my new hire orientation, I was recalled to military active duty for 21 months for deployment to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Soon after returning from deployment, I resumed my job at QMC. The military deployment placed our family in a great financial burden, which took us several years to recover from, thus my quest for the BSN was again put on hold.
While recovering from o...

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... activities. My wife, knowing how hard it was to be in the program, has momentarily agreed in letting me off the hook in barbequing and keeping the "Honey-do-list" to a minimum.
My immediate goals after completing this program is to take some time off from school, pay off our (additional) student loans, and when the time is right possibly evaluate the feasibility of pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Administration or continue on in trying to obtain my Master 's Degree in Nursing. However, I currently foresee immediate challenges to those plans - my eldest child, my son, is currently a junior in high school, aspiring to become a Pharmacist and attend UH Hilo. In addition, my daughter, who is three years younger to my son, is aspiring to become an Ophthalmologist. So as with any parents, I may put my goal aside to help both my children achieve their goals.

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