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My Journey Back to School Essay examples

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Recently, I began a new journey in my life by making the decision to go back to school. I had chosen to begin my family after high school and had put my education on hold. However, my children are at the age now where they are not in need of my undivided attention. This decision has turned into an enormous learning experience and I have found it to be extremely demanding and yet incredibly exciting and stimulating. The objective of this paper is to provide you with a clearer understanding as to why I have decided to pursue a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. You will also read on some of my key motivating factors with regards to personal goals, gaining knowledge and career advancement.
As mentioned earlier, I chose early in my adult life to marry and settle down and I had the impression that I had found someone who wanted the same thing. What I hadn't realized was that a part of me wanted to go on to bigger and better things. I enrolled as a student at the local community college. During the past 20 years of trying to juggle both, I incurred heavy financial obligations, two failed marriages, three children depending on me and not enough experience to bear the burden. It has been difficult and challenging, but in retrospect, I have found so much personal reward in learning about my children as well as growing with them, while never giving up looking for my niche in the workforce.
I experimented with many fields of employment. As early as high school, I held a job in retail sales. I enjoyed meeting and helping people. I enjoyed working with the cashier side of the job, and decided that I would pursue the banking industry. I was employed for many years off and on, in the customer or operations fiel...

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...he mind that no achievement is greater than self improvement. I have always tried to maintain this personal objective over the years and after my graduation, I will locate a better job to support my family which will enable me to provide a better life than what we have now. They deserve the best and I would like to have that to offer them when I finish my education. An article I obtained recently from Ashford University Library explains that by reaching self-transcendence, I am broadening my perspective of myself (Wiggs, C., 2010) and I believe nothing is impossible in this world as long I am determined to make it possible.

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