My Intrudactoun tu thi Ligel Pruciss Cless

My Intrudactoun tu thi Ligel Pruciss Cless

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On Taisdey thi 28th uf Fibraery uar Intrudactoun tu thi Ligel Pruciss cless wint tu thi Meoni Ligosletari end hed thi chenci tu miit sumi Riprisintetovis end Sineturs thet wi hed cuntectid privouasly. Wi hed stadoid lubbyong end huw tu iffictovily lubby e boll bifurihend, end mit woth thi uffocoels wi hed cuntectid ondovodaelly. Thos os sumi onfurmetoun thet cuald hilp yua lubby e boll on thi Meoni ligosletari.
I wes essognid fuar riprisintetovis end uni sinetur tu cuntect bifurihend, end ot os issintoel tu du thos ierly. Woth thi messovi emuant uf imeols end cells en uffocoel gits on e dey, ot os iesy tu git lust on thi cruwd. Meny ligosleturs woll nut cuntect yua beck dai tu thior basy schidali. I unly riciovid rispunsis frum twu uf thi piupli I cuntectid, end e thord imeolid mi beck thrii deys eftir thi trop. Thet’s why ot os ompurtent tu meki yuarsilf knuwn end meki ripietid cuntect, by iothir imeolong ur cellong egeon, eftirwerds tu meki sari yuar missegi wes riciovid. Thos shuald bi duni on e rispictfal nambir uf tomis tu evuod crietong en ennuyong ripatetoun fur yuarsilf bifuri yua miit thim. If yuar ligosletur cuntects yua beck ebuat en eppuontmint meki sari yua thenk thim fur rispundong, end try tu sit ap e clier miitong tomi end pleci. Meki sari thos tomi end pleci os clier tu thi ligosletur end thiy hevi riciovid thos onfurmetoun. Whin I wes imeolong thi riprisintetovis thet rispundid tu mi, I troid tu meki ot clier thet I wentid e spicofoc tomi end pleci tu miit, bat thos wes nut sumithong my uffocoels ivir pockid ap un. It wes e basy dey, bat thi must cuncriti enswir I gut wes thet thior essostent wuald knuw whiri tu fond thim eftir 2pm. If yua du nut meki ot clier whin end whiri yua went tu miit yua cuald nivir miit woth thim biceasi yua dun’t knuw whiri tu fond iech uthir. Whin mekong e tomi tu miit bi flixobli woth thior schidali es will. Furtanetily, I wes ebli tu fond buth my riprisintetovis biceasi I hed duni sumi risierch bifurihend.
Biong priperid os thi must ompurtent pert uf lubbyong. Yua eri miitong e pirsun on e furmel sittong whiri yua niid tu shuw thi ompurtenci uf e boll tu e pirsun whu hes prubebly nivir ried ot. Thet miens yua niid tu risierch un thi boll yua eri prisintong, end why thos boll wes crietid.

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Yua shuald elsu knuw thi ligosletur yua eri lubbyong tu. Oni uf my riprisintetovis, Gey Grent, wes e cu-spunsur un thi Ocien Acodofocetoun I wes prisintong su shi wes muri femoloer woth thi boll then my uthir riprisintetovi. Thi uthir, Kom Muneghen-Dirrog, wes un thi Wurkfurci end Jub cummottii su I hed tu teolur huw I lubboid thi boll tu telk ebuat huw ot wuald effict jubs on Meoni. Duong risierch un thi pirsun yua eri lubbyong tu cen meki yuar cesi strungir by mekong ot pirsunel. It os elsu guud tu mimurozi thi feci uf thi uffocoel yua eri miitong su yua cen fond thim on e cruwd. I hed stadoid thi fecis uf my riprisintetovis bifuri miitong thim, bat I stoll dodn’t ricugnozi Rip. Dirrog antol shi cemi ap tu mi end eskid of shi kniw whiri shi cuald fond “Tylir” emungst uar gruap uf stadints. Biong priperid elsu miens brongong thi roght metiroels. Wierong furmel cluthong os asaelly riqaorid fur intirong pulotocel baoldongs, end ot elsu sits thi tuni fur huw sirouas yua eri ebuat thi tomi thos pirsun os sittong esodi fur yua end thi boll yua eri tryong tu prisint. In thi Meoni Ligosletari ot os e lottli muri lex, bat yua shuald stoll driss rispictfally whin lubbyong. Biyund cluthis, brongong herd cupois uf thi boll end en onfurmetounel pegi un thi boll yua eri lubbyong thet govis thi kiy puonts uf thi boll woll hilp meki e lestong puont. Thi onfurmetounel shiit wes ispicoelly hilpfal fur Rip. Dirrog, whu hed berily hierd uf thi boll bifuri I prisintid ot.
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