My Interview With The Math Problems Essay

My Interview With The Math Problems Essay

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When I had the discussion with the students that I interview, I often found myself trying to find the words to translate and ask the student how was he able to get the answer and to explain his reasoning behind it. Although, I had the words written beside the math problems I was asking them, I found it kind of challenging to find words that related to what I wanted to ask the students. In my discussion one of my students felt intimidated by the camera that was recording which was kind of hard for him to fully explain to me how he got the answer. Moreover, I feel that I just tried to ask the students the same questions throughout the interview, to better compare their knowledge within the same problems. Furthermore, I feel that the idea was good when comparing them, but not to see if the student was able to complete higher level math problems.
One of the things that went well in my interview, was the willingness that the students had to transmit to me in words, the way that they solve their problem, and their thought process. Furthermore, something that didn’t go well in my interview was the fact that the students overthought the questions I was asking them pertaining the math problems. I felt that the students somehow felt that their response was going to be graded, although I told them that the problems that they solved were not a grade. Another thing that didn’t go well during the discussion was the fact that the students had a hard time explaining their thought process when solving the math problems. Most of the times the students will answer me, “I know my answer is correct because I used all my strategies”. When the students answer me in that form, I felt that the students did not really understood the way and reason of why t...

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...ules when the students are working in teams. By doing so, students will less likely have issues working with their groupmates and will most successfully complete their group assignment. Another strategy that I can implement will be the fact that I can always remind the students of what each role entails in the group. By reminding them of the task of each role it can help students avoid doing what they want with their role. In addition, I as a teacher can walk around the classroom to ensure that students are working accordingly to their roles. If I see students doing other parts that do not pertain to their role I can remind them of what their supposed to do. In addition, working in groups means that all students will help each other to learn and better understand the concept. If the students work together as a team they can help each other learn from each other.

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