My Interview With Former Attorney General Of New South Wales Essay

My Interview With Former Attorney General Of New South Wales Essay

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I sat there, nervous, worried and confused as to why I was sitting in the Intercontinental Hotel for my interview to work with the former Attorney General of New South Wales. Up until this point the only knowledge I had of this man was of his tremendous accomplishments and of the many interns he had taken on from Boston University. I had no prior communication with him directly as his assistant Zdenka had been the one emailing me and taking on all correspondence with me. It made me incredibly nervous that I was going to walk into an incredibly challenging interview. I had no idea what to expect. I had arrived very early as American custom has told me to do and as I waited in the hotel lobby I continued to look over my preparation materials. I called the phone number given to me to let him know I arrived 15 minutes before my interview was actually scheduled for. As far as I knew I was contacting Zdenka, John’s assistant, but when I asked, “Is this Zdenka?” on the phone and received a harsh, “No, this is John Dowd,” (Dowd- 2016) I knew I was in for quite a surprising interview. My interview was a sign for what was to come during my time working for the International Commission of Jurists.
Culture has a different meaning depending on the context in which one uses it. The Merriam Webster dictionary has several different meaning of the word itself, but the one I find most appropriate for the needs of this paper is, “A particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Australia as a whole has its own unique culture, but Australia’s workforce has a culture of its own that makes it separate from that of America or any other country. From experience, I can say that the Australian and America...

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... me in his work at the ICJ, he allowed me to come with him to the Mental Health Review Tribunal twice, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance once, and work for Action Aid Australia twice. I was asked me to come to the ICJ meetings before I even started and constantly had me involved not just treating me like an intern who was there to grab coffee and take notes. He constantly checked up on me on Election Day to see how I was and took me out for lunch for my birthday. There is a more balanced work-life culture in Australia than in the United States and it makes for more dedicated workers who want to stay where they are. This internship has taught me so much about the world, Australia, and myself. At times it has been frustrating but I could not have asked for a better experience out of my internship in Australia. John has been an incredible mentor and I am sad to be leaving him.

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