My Interview With Angel Was Very Eye Opening And Interesting Essay

My Interview With Angel Was Very Eye Opening And Interesting Essay

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My interview with Angel was very eye opening and interesting. Learning about what a different ethnicity has to go through, and the struggles they face day in and day out. I have known Angel for about a year and him telling me these things makes me respect him greatly. He has truly fought for his family to stay here and not have to be moved back to Mexico, and he never thinks about himself until everyone else is taken care of.
The biggest thing that stuck out to me in the interview was all the struggles that Angel and his family had to go through. Moving here has not been easy for his parents, but those struggles have made Angel work hard throughout his whole life. It made him work ten times harder than anyone else in school so he could go get a scholarship and go to college, and it has helped him work harder at life and wherever and whatever job he works he is the best at it. Money for him has always been tight because of getting residency in the United States, and his family not being able to work high paying jobs. His dad was put to work in the concrete business, and it was for lo...

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