My Interpretation of the History of the Internet Essay

My Interpretation of the History of the Internet Essay

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In the Beginning
Have you ever wondered what prompted the invention of the Internet? Let’s take a look at a timeline of sorts to tell the story.
In 1957, Russia would launch the first artificial earth satellite (Sputnik) into orbit and thus starting us on this trek of technological supremacy that would be felt globally. (Kristula, 1974-1983) This is a very small footprint within this document, but this was the small stone that was thrown into a very large pond with ripples that are still being felt today.
The US government saw the launch of Sputnik as a national threat because of the possibility of nuclear missiles being launched, this was the 1960’s in the heart of the Cold War with Russia and the United States didn’t want to be seen as inferior in any way, so the US government established ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) in response to that launch. ARPA would be run out of the Department of Defense showing the world our strength in scientific and technological advancements in respects to the military. (Kristula, 1974-1983)
In the same year the US government would commission Paul Baran Rand of the RAND Corporation to research how the government would be able to control their nuclear missiles in case of an attack, so that they would still have the capability of a counter-attack. Rand would conceive the idea of the first packet switching process in response to this request: (Kristula, 1974-1983)
“Packet Switching - Which is the breaking down of data into datagrams or packets that are labeled to indicate the origin and the destination of the information and the forwarding of these packets from one computer to another computer until the information arrives at its final destination computer”. (Kristula, 1974-19...

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...r everyday lives. Thank you for your time.

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