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My Interpretation of Art Essay

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The definition of art, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is human creativity. This definition does not take into consideration our desires to analyze, understand, and accept or reject what we see in front of us. The phrase, “art is in the eye of the beholder”, is a true statement, because everyone has an opinion on what they consider art. In my opinion, art does not need to be understood or accepted to be considered art. Art needs to invoke an emotional response, be translatable to our lives, be expressive of a period in time, and be bold. In order to clearly understand my interpretation of art, I decided to compare various creative works.
Jill Greenberg, a photographer, created a series of work called End Times that captures images of children in fits of distress. The pictures are heart wrenching, but what captivates me more are the titles of each piece of work. Titles like, Four More Years, next to a child with tears and snot running down her face clearly stirs emotions for me of past political defeat. These images are evidently not like those of Anne Geddes, but I think they serve a greater purpose. The purpose of these images is to shock and generate emotion whether it is negative or positive. The works do not need to be interpreted, they express an opinion unapologetically. Greenberg uses the raw emotions of young children to invoke our opinions about the political climate of the time. For me this is creativity at its best. I understand that many would want to understand the type of process Greenberg used to create these images, and I agree that we have a moral obligation to make sure our children are not harmed in any way. This does not take away from the powerful imagery and masterful expression of our times.
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...s reflective of my personal beliefs and desires. Since I lack the aptitude to create works of art of my own, the ability for art to be translated into feelings of happiness, pain, sorrow, and a plethora of other adjectives is important for me. Many would say that misogynistic images evoke emotions, which is a criterion for my definition of art. Yes, these images are emotional, but I do not consider them bold or translatable. I can not relate to the woman in these images, because I don’t view women in that negative light. However, others would consider these images art, because it may cast a light on a subject that is of importance to them. Human creativity has no definition; no right or wrong. What I consider to be art is a personal decision that takes my experiences into consideration. In conclusion, art is not meant to have boundaries but limitless possibilities.

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