My Interest On Social Work Essay

My Interest On Social Work Essay

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Personal Statement

My interest in social work could date back to senior middle school. When seeing the news reporting primary school students’ life in Guizhou, I found that I have been blessed and I wanted to render back. While everyone was busy preparing for the University Entrance Examination, I tried to persuade all the students and teachers of the third grade to join in donation organized by me to collect clothes and books for children there. I made up my mind to work on it and call for more help. Only when I specialized in Social Work in my undergraduate, did I understand how I can realize my expectations in a systematic manner.

During college, I mastered abundant theoretical knowledge including psychology, human behavior, social work skills and social work with different communities including youth and elderly. Besides, I did something to enhance my skills and prepare for my graduate study. I took part in practice to help and improve myself at best. I volunteered at a program to help children with autism, in which I came across a mother who failed to send her son to school, because the teachers were not willing to look after him. She told me although these years there had been many volunteers assisting her in taking care of her child, still the biggest problem, education had not been settled. Since then I expected to learn how to improve situations of vulnerable communities instead of individuals. Later, I got a chance for organizing seminars in which families with children with autism can share their experiences with social work students, in order to attract more people’s attention and also give more care to those in need. When helping people to improve themselves, I can also improve myself as I can learn from them about ...

... middle of paper ... characters such as skin color and challenges they are going through. As a result, I would treat every child equally. They need a better way to lead them to keep physical and mental health, and validate their own self-worth. Most importantly, I believe it is necessary to respect and protect children 's rights, promote service quality of social work of children development, in order to better cultivate talents with sound personality for the future. To some extent, minors are the future and hope of a nation, and their conditions directly determine the country 's development and prosperity.

All in all, I strongly believe that systematic study and social experience at BC can turn me into a truly qualified social worker. With my knowledge and skills, I am more competent to help those who are in trouble, confusion or need, just like what I have been doing all the time.

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